The first 5 members of an Assault Marines squad for my retro Ultras. I don’t get to paint enough sergeants with racing stripes on their helmets!

Getting back into the swing of things! Here’s a Librarian in Terminator armor for my retro Ultramarines.

More Chaos cultists to go with my Iron Warriors! These guys paint up stupid fast.

Under 15, the coolest kind of goon from Something Awful, made a model of one of my drawings for the Oath thread back in April! It’s a huge honor to see something I drew made into something tangible, and his painting and modeling work are awesome! 

Hellbrute for my Iron Warriors. Feels good to get down and dirty after so much pristine retro stuff! 

Commissar for my Retro Cadians. Gotta have somebody to keep the boys in line!

More scribblings.

A mob of cultist scum I converted and painted up for my Iron Warriors.

Finished up those cool Russian third party Obliterators for my Iron Warriors too! 

Platoon command squad for my retro Cadians. The chubby officer is one of my favorite models the Perry brothers ever sculpted!