Terminators for my 2nd ed Ultramarines.These guys painted up faster than the Tac Marines, but I’m not thrilled with the transfers. 

Another security video I did for Safelight, just in time for Easter! I did the voiceover for this one too, so you can hear me mumble and stumble through a script on how to keep your office safe. 

Devastators for my Ultramarines! The transfers were kind of a pain but the freehand was wicked fun and I’m super happy with how it all came out. 


Remembering Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars. Acrylic background paintings by talented Scott Wills.

Oh my yes. 

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Thudd Gun with Techmarine gunner for my Ultramarines.

Another Safelight video I made! This one is all about Social Engineering. Like all of these, it was animated in Flash.

5 more Sternguard for my Ultramarines, using varying marks of power armor. From left to right:
Mk4, Prototype Mk7, Mk8, Mk1, Mk2
The Prototype Mk7 guy is the only model in the army so far that wasn’t sculpted by Jes Goodwin. I think it’s a Mark Copplestone or maybe Bob Naismith sculpt. 

So while I may have been making Dawn of Awesome 6 for the past few weeks, I’ve been animating more stuff like this for my day job. Here’s PCI Compliance in 2 Minutes!

Dawn of Awesome 6 is here! Dawn of Awesome 6 is here! Special thanks to radionarcotix for the awesome extra sound effects and original score!